Minn-Tex Express enjoying simplicity and growth using Accellos’ Prophesy Dispatch transportation management software (TMS)

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Accellos has issued a case study of Minn-Tex Express. Cary Deason, General Manager, explains how the team at the Minnesota-based carrier is enjoying previously unimagined simplicity and growth using Accellos’ Prophesy Dispatch transportation management software (TMS). A summary of the case study is below and you can read the full study here.


Prophesy Dispatch

Key Benefits

  • Significant overall company growth
  • Efficient, simplified dispatching workflow
  • Improved tracking of time, miles and money
  • More proactive fleet maintenance and reduced emissions
  • Document imaging reduces paper use and mail and transit times
  • “Best Fit” search allows quick identification of best carriers for loads

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Minn-Tex was founded in 1992, by Cary Deason and his parents Edward and Salina with a single truck. Today, employing more than 70 owner-operators and an office team of 10, Deason is realizing growth they couldn’t have imagined back then. Along the way they have tried several ways to manage their operation — from manual processes, to spreadsheets, and even a prominent competitor of Prophesy — before trading them in for Accellos’ Prophesy DispatchSeries transportation management software (TMS).

Search for a Better Way

After struggling with the software for some time, Deason decided to search for a new solution that would help him to truly maximize efficiency and analyze the operational costs of his fleet. In October 2006, the team at Minn-Tex selected Prophesy Dispatch software for their business, citing its flexibility and ability to track profitability details such as lane analysis, utilization of equipment, reporting, integrated brokerage capabilities to handle both their asset and non-asset based operation, and overall level of customer service as major factors in their decision.

Results and Expansion

In 2009, Minn-Tex was among the first to use the new “Best Fit” feature of Prophesy Dispatch to their advantage. The Best Fit search allows brokers to match carriers to loads in lanes in which they have run historically or in which they have been set up to run. Loads can also be tendered to one or more carriers via email.

Over the years Minn-Tex has added several Prophesy modules to both reduce their carbon footprint and improve efficiencies, including integrated document imaging and also EDI capabilities. Another area of the system which has improved Minn-Tex operations both from an efficiency and “green” standpoint has been the integrated fleet maintenance module.

“I love the Prophesy system,” said Deason. “It does a great job of helping me run efficiently. It also keeps things simple for my Dispatch Team, tracking the three key elements: time, miles and money. Those three things equal your profitability, because in this industry the pennies you save are the pennies you add to your bottom line.”

Onward and Upward

Deason has actively pursued new areas to track efficiency and profitability with his Prophesy system, even serving as a beta-tester for the company’s business intelligence solution, which includes over 35 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). “That tool is just the best,” said Deason. “It gives me a whole new level of control over my operation.”

About Minn-Tex Express

Minn-Tex maintains a thriving brokerage operation, as well as a 100% owner-operator fleet, running 70 trucks throughout the United States, with their most active lanes in the South. Primary commodities hauled are cheese and meat. The company has recently opened a second office in McAllen, Texas which employs three full-time staff members. The company anticipates continued growth in the coming year due to strong customer relations and steady year-round contracts. To learn more about Minn-Tex Express, visit them on the web at http://www.minn-tex.com/.

For more information about Accellos’ ProphesySeries Total Software Solution for Trucking, email moreinfo@mile.com or call (800) 776-6706.

Read the Full Case Study